Live Casino Odds

live casino gamesIf you are wondering what the odds are going to be when you get stuck into playing some of the new and highly advanced live casino games, then it will all be down to just which games you decide to play at those casinos sites!

You are going to be able to find three main types of casino games available on most live gaming platforms and those games include the fairly standard and very popular casino game and table games. Those games will include roulette, blackjack and of course baccarat.

When it comes to you playing a live casino roulette game do be on the lookout for those that offer a single zero roulette wheel, for those games tend to always have the best payout odds and the very lowest house edges.

The game of baccarat is fairly standard and as such the payout odds you will get when playing the live casino version of that games are even money for a banker or player winning hand, however keep in mind that all winning banker hand bets and wagers will be subject to a 5% hose commission!

One final thing to note is that live blackjack games can come with different house edges, however the payout odds on those games are usually a 3 to 2 payout for a winning blackjack hand and an even money winning payout for all other non blackjack winning hands, so avoid a 6 to 5 blackjack hand paying blackjack game

Low or High Stake Live Casino Games

You should of course always play any type of casino games for stake levels that you can afford to play them for and only ever play with money that you can afford to lose. One of the many different benefits of opting to play live casino games is that you will always find lots of different staking options available to you.

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When you do sign up to any online or mobile casino site that is offering you a suite of different live casino games then take a good look through the live casino game games menu as alongside each of the open tables that you can pick and choose to play at you will find an overview of the table stake limits are in place in each of those live open casino game tables.

If you want to play for very low stake amounts then that is of course something that you are always going to be able to do, however if you enjoy playing live casino games but for much higher state levels then you are always going to find plenty of open live casino game tables offering you a staking optional and table stake limits that will suit you high stake gaming.

Unlike when you play software driven casino games however you are not going to be given the option of being able to play live table casino or card games for free as they are only available as real money games so keep that in mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do sites offer live casino games in a free play mode?

With there being so many different types and categorise of live casino games that you will always be able to get stuck into playing at our top rated UK sites you will always some across lots of different games that you will never have seen or played before.

Live Casino game players are going to be more than welcome to play any of the range of games via a free play environment at all sites we have chosen to showcase and present to you and by doing so you will soon get to grips with how every single casino games play and pays.

2. Can I play lots of live casino games all at the same time?

If you want to play live casino games online but you are the type of player who is looking to play more than one game simultaneously then that is something you will not find available and on offer at an instant play site.

What you will have to do to be able to play lots of different casino game but have the ability of playing them all at the same time is to sign up to any of our featured gaming sites that have a fully downloadable type of gaming platform which will allow you to do just that.

3. Can I find out the RTP’s of all live casino games?

One of the additional benefits that you will have on offer as a player at our approved sites is that they all make available all of the payout percentage and RTP information in regards to every single live casino game they have on offer.

All that you will need to do to find out how high or how low the payout percentage is on any of their available live casino games is to either take a look at the game help files of take a look over their website as they have a complete overview of all of the payout information on each game on their website.

4. Can I play live casino games on a Blackberry?

If you like the look of any of the live casino games available at or UK sites and you want to play them on a Blackberry then you will be pleased to learn that all of those sites live casino games have been made compatible with those types of mobile devices.

You will have just as much choice in regards to the live casino games you can play on your Blackberry when accessing their online instant play gaming platform and the stake levels on each of those Blackberry compatible games are configurable to.