Guides and Tips

SlotsWhen it comes to playing slot games online you really do need to spend as much time as you possibly can do researching which are going to be the best slots to play. Plus, you will also have to have a well thought out plan of attack in regards to how you are going to be able to play each slot game.

With that in mind below you are going to find a range of playing tips throughout this slot playing guide that may just help you select the very best slot games to play and how to play them optimally.

As there are now thousands of different slot games available to all real money online slot players, then it really will be worth your time and effort not only reading through this slot playing tips section of our website but also taking a good look through some of our other guides too.

Remember that you will find plenty of top rated online casinos listed on this site, all of which have been handpicked to ensure they meet our very high standards and will be casino sites that will always give you plenty of little additional extras too such as bonuses and player comps.

Know the Slot RTP’s – The very first tip we want to pass onto you in regards to playing slot games online is that you should always make a concerted effort to discover just what each games payout percentage has been set to.

The higher the payout percentage the higher the amount of your stakes are going to get returned to you over the long term and that will also see you having some much longer slot playing sessions too.

Choosing the Right Bonuses – You are never going to be under any obligation to make use of any casino bonuses, and many players will tend to play real money slot games online with their own funds as they are then never going to be restricted to which slots they can play or when they can cash out their winnings.

However, if you do want plenty of extra playing value then you really are going to be amazed at just how many different bonuses will be available to you, so always spend some time checking just which bonuses are available to you and select the highest and best valued ones to utilize.

Maximizing Comp Points – You will want to get even more winning chances when you are playing with your own real money funds and with that in the forefront of your mind make sure that you actively seek out and only ever play at online casino sites that offer you the most generous comp clubs.

The value of the comp points you will earn and the redemption points you will be offered can and will always vary at many different online and mobile casino sites so look out for the most generous casinos at which to play at as that will ensure you get more value form your gambling bankroll.

Playing Progressive Slots – You can often find a huge set of progressive jackpots currently on offer on many different online slot games, however those progressive jackpot awarding slots do usually come with some very high stake amounts as you may have to play maximum bet spins to have any chance of winning their respective jackpots.

As such we would advise you to consider playing the randomly awarded progressive slot games on which when you play them for absolutely any stake amount you have the chance of walking off with a large jackpot payout.

Staking Each Spin – Make sure that you first find out just how much each slot game is going to cost you to play it in such a way that you have every single pay line activated as by making sure you play each slot with all of the pay lines live and in play you will have the maximum chances of winning when playing those slots.

When you have then try and divide up your bankroll so you can get as many maximum pay line spins in as is possible, for the more spins you play off the more chance so triggering the bonus games on any bonus game awarding slots you are playing!

Select a Winning Goal – Another thing to keep in mind is that you will have losing and winning session over time, no matter which slot games you decide to get stuck into playing as a real money online or mobile slot player.

So one of the bets pieces of advice we can pass onto you will be to set a winning goal on every real money slot playing session you have, the lower you set your goal the more chances you have of reaching it and when you do you should then cash out your winning and stop playing!

Enter Online Slot Tournaments – One final tip we can pass onto you much more so if you do not have any cash available to play slot games online is to take a look through the slot tournament schedules that may of our featured online casino sites have available.

For when you do look through those slot tournament schedules you will find that there will be several free to enter slot tournaments available and on offer opt you and with you never having to risk any of your own money taking part in them and as they do offer you the chance of winning real money cash prizes, then you should try and enter as many of them as you can do, for each one you do enter will give you an additional chance of winning some cash with no need to put any of your cash at risk!