Foxy Casino

There are several different reasons why we think you are going to be making a very wise decision if you choose to play at the newly launched Foxy Casino site, and in this review we are going to be enlightening you on the many different reason why we have chosen to list Foxy Casino as one of our top rated casino sites!

It is often the huge suite of instant play casino games that attract most players to sign up and to play at Foxy Casino for you will find games from some of the most popular online and land based casino game designers, so playing for example slot games from IGT which you may have enjoyed playing in a land based casino is now possible online

You will also be able to claim a huge valued sign up bonus as one of their new players, and currently that bonus is going to see you getting 50 free spins on one of their most popular and high paying slot games and also up to £400 via their deposit match bonus offer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you are going to be able to make deposits, play and also withdraw your winnings in GBP Currency and they are a very fast paying casino site too!

High Paying Casino Games

As a real money casino game player you should always be looking around of casino sites to join that are going to give you access to lots of different games and games that offer some of the very highest payout percentages and the very lowest house edges and that is something you will easily be able to do as a player at the newly launched Foxy Casino site!

Foxy Casino

The above video presentation shows you just one of the huge and growing number of video slot games which are always on offer at this leading and fully licensed casino site, and thanks to the unique features on offer on every single slot game they offer and as they are playable for a range of different staking options they are suitable for all levels of player!

In fact, it is not only slot games and slot machines that you are going to find on offer at Foxy Casino in very large numbers for they also have plenty of other types and categories of casino games, everything from card and table games right through to some of the best paying video poker games too.

One category of game that we did enjoy playing are their expanding range of different progressive games, now whenever you choose to play their range of progressive games you have the very real chance of winning a life changing jackpot, in fact some of those game shave jackpots that could turn you into a multi-millionaire from a single game played off, so do give some of them a try soon!

Frequently Asked Foxy Casino Questions

1. What Stake Limits are in Place at X Casino?

One of the best aspects of playing at Foxy Casino is that they do offer their players a very wide range of different staking options and as such you are always going to be able to play any of their games on offer at stake levels you can afford to play them for.

The Foxy Casino games are designed in such a way that you will always have just as much chance of winning no matter at what stake levels you play them for so you can play as a low roller or a high roller and get the maximum winning chances as each game is random.

2. Can I audit my gaming logs?

One important aspect of playing any of the casino games that are available to you at Foxy Casino is that you will always be able to audit and review any previously played off gaming sessions on any of their real money casino games.

So if at any time you want to double check just how well or just how badly you did when playing their range of casino games then you are always free to consult your gaming logs online and instantly and review and audit your real money gaming action and game play.

3. What are the best Foxy Casino bonuses to use?

It will of course be up to you whether you make use of any of the casino bonuses that you can claim at the Foxy Casinos site, and in addition to the new play sign up welcome bonuses there are going to be lots of ongoing bonus offers too.

What we have found is that most players do quite enjoy making use of the deposit match bonuses, for those bonuses are instantly credited to your account when you make a deposit and as such you will start playing with a much enlarged starting bankroll!

4. Can I play live casino games?

There is also an additional gaming platform that you will be able to access when playing at the Foxy casino site and that gaming platform is going to give you access to real life casino games via a live casino type of gaming platform.

The range of games which are available on a live casino gaming platform such as the one available at Foxy Casino will allow you to play a range of different card and table games including Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette and different staking options will be available too!

5. When is the support centre open?

You will find that the customer and player support centre at Foxy Casino is open 24 hours a day and as such you are always going to find you can get in touch with their support team members at any time of the day or night. One way you can contact the support team at Foxy Casino quickly is by using their online instant chat service.