Part of the thrill and excitement of you signing up to one of the more recently launched UK player friendly and fully UK Gambling Commission licensed casinos is that you are going o find some extremely high valued casino bonuses being made available to you.

That will certainly be the case if you choose to play at CasinoLand for currently they have a huge and instantly credited £800 new player welcome sign up bonus you can make full use of, and that bonus does come with some very fair and liberal term and conditions too.

One thing we liked about CasinoLand when we tested it out is that the gaming platform is an instant play one, so you can forget about having to waste time downloading a fully site of casino games as they all load instantly into any web browser.

Another thing we liked and we are sue you will to is that CasinoLand has games from lots of different companies on offer so you could be playing Microgaming supplied games one minute and then playing casino games designed by NetEnt the next, without having to switch casinos you are playing at to access those different casino games!

Huge Suite of Casino Games

One of the main reasons why we have chosen to present to you the CasinoLand site via this review is that when we tested them out recently we found everything they had to offer players appealing, and one thing you will not miss when you visit their website is their enormous range of casino games.


What makes CasinoLand so very different from most other casino sites is that they offer instant play casino games as opposed to a downloadable gaming platform, and there is a good reason why they have chosen to offer such a gaming platform and that is they have been able to load onto that instant play gaming platform a huge range of games.

Those games come from many different companies which mean that you no long have to move from one casino site to another when you want to play games form different designers and different suppliers as you can play them all together form the same casino and via one single gaming platform.

The games are of course offer plenty of different staking options too so you will be able to play them for very low stake limits of some very high stake amount, and to allow you to sample just how great playing and paying each of their games are you can also play them for free at any time of the day of night by simply visiting their website and picking out the game you wish to play at no risk instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Games at CasinoLand have the highest RTP’s?

As a player you should always keep your options open in regards to the types of games you are prepared to play at any casino site you have chosen to sign up to, for some games offer much higher payout percentages than other casino games.

If you do want to play at CasinoLand and want to play some of the games available which have been set to return more of your stakes as winning payouts then choose to play some of their video poker games!

2. Can I play lots of games together?

As the CasinoLand site operates using an instant play type of gaming platform then you are only going to be able to play one single game at a time, however there will always be plenty of different games available to you.

So do spend some time taking a good look over their website or that is where you are going to find out full details of all of their available games and ill also find out which brand new casino games have recently been launched on their instant play no download gaming platform too.

3. Are high limit player’s welcome?

If you want to be able to play casino games for some huge stake amounts then we can highly recommend the CasinoLand site, for they have some very high table stake limits on their card and table games and their other games can be played for some very high stake amounts too.

To enable you to be able to play for high stakes you will also find that their banking interface is designed in such a way that you will be permitted and able to make some larger than average deposit into your CasinoLand account using your preferred banking option.

4. Does CasinoLand Reveal Game RTP information?

One of the additional benefits that you will have on offer as a player at CasinoLand is that they do indeed make available all of the payout percentage and RTP information in regards to every single game they have on offer.

All that you will need to do to find out how high or how low the payout percentage is on any of their available games is to either take a look at the game help files of take a look over their website as they have a complete overview of all of the payout information on each game on their website.

5. Can I play CasinoLand Games on a Mobile?

If you like the look of any of the casino games available at CasinoLand and you want to play them on any type of mobile device then you will be pleased to learn that all of their games have been made compatible with mobile devices.

You will have just as much choice in regards to the games you can play on your mobile when accessing their online instant play gaming platform and the stake levels on each of those mobile games are configurable to.