Slots Strategy

SlotsAs a slot player you already probably have your own unique way to play slot machines and depending just what type of playing strategy you have in play you may be experiencing some good runs of luck when playing slot game online or things may not be going a you had hoped!

There are in fact lots of ways that you can beat slot machines when playing them, however every type of slot game will have been designed in a different way! Many online and mobile casino slot player will try and take advantage of as many different types of casino bonuses as they can do.

For if you make due of some of the no deposit casino slot related bonus offers then you are never going to be risking any of your own money playing slot games via those no risk casino bonus offers and eventually you are going to win something from them if you claim as many of them as you can do!

However, the very best way to play slot games and to have the best strategy in place is to simply pick out the slots which boats the very highest payout percentages. When you do so then over your long term play on the highest paying slot machines by virtue of their above average payout percentages you are going to get more of your stake money paid back out to you as winning payouts.

So one thing you should always do before playing lots online s to fin d out which slots have the highest possible set payout percentages and then just play those slot games!

Look Out for Additional Slot Game Bonus Features!

Due to the sheer number of different slot games available to you then one thing you will always be best off doing is to take a look at how every single game has been designed, for some of the most up to date and most recently slot games will boast some very unusual bonus games and features that could increase the value of you playing those slots with your own real money funds.


Take for example the above slot game which you will find on offer at some of our featured casino sites, that slot game has a very unusual bonus feature that will give you all of the stake wagered on one single payline if you do not get any winning combinations spinning in on any payline for a certain number of spins!

Therefore by making the very smart and wise decision of playing that slot you will of course be richly rewarded each time a winning combination has spun in onto any of your activated pay lines, however you will also get your cash back on any stakes wagered on a payline that has not had a winning combination spinning in on it for a certain number of spins!

There are many other video and three reel slots which come with some highly appealing and attractive bonus features so always make sure you know what slot games are available at any online casino site you choose to play at and sit down to play the most feature packed ones!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who regulates online slot games?

As we are showcasing the very best rated and best run and operated online and mobile casino sites available to all UK players one thing that we have paid careful attention to is where each of our featured casino sites have been licensed and where they are regulated.

The slot games and all other games at our featured casino sites have all been licensed and approved by the UK Gambling Commission, and as such every single type of slot game you will find on offer at our approved casinos have been tested for fairness and are completely random games of chance.

2. Will I be able to play lots for pounds and pence?

Please do ensure that you only sign up to online casino sites offering you the exact type of slot machines and slot games you want to play that offer you the option of setting your casino account in GBP if of course you are based in any part of the United Kingdom.

Slot game players will lose out financially if they have to set their casino accounts to any other currency than GBP if based in the UK for there will be currency exchange rate fees and charges taken out of your deposits and your withdrawals!

3. Which gaming platform should I utilize?

The very best type of slots site and online casino sites are those which offer their players a range of different gaming platforms, for when playing at those types of slot sites you are going to be able to pick and choose how you access and play their range of slot games.

Slot game players should test out one of our featured online casino sites that operate using a no download required gaming platform, for when they do so they are going to find lots of different casino game suppliers slots games on offer at those sites, so when playing at those sites you will have plenty of different slot games to get stuck into playing!

4. Do online slot players earn bonus comp points?

One thing that you will be earning when a real money casino game player at any of our featured UK casinos is loyalty points, and as such no matter what slot games you choose to play in the real money playing environment those comp points will accumulate in your account.

Once you have earned enough comp points you will then be able to exchange and redeem them instantly yourself online for more playing credits, so when playing slot games the more of them you play and the more you wager, win or lose the more you will earn!