Slot Bonuses

SlotsIf you love nothing more than playing slot machines, fruit machines and slot games then you will certainly be tempted to make use of some of the many different casino bonuses that are available.

When you claim those bonuses the value of the bonus funds will give you much more ammunition to play the slot games with.

However, one thing that you will notice as soon as you start reading through the terms and conditions of any slot bonus offer is that there may be a lot of different rules in regards to how you can play off your bonus funds.


In fact, many of the complaints online casinos get from players is in regards to bonuses and players having not read and understood the slot game bonus rules and terms and conditions. It is with that in mind we have put together the following guide.

Below we have highlighted several different things that you will need to be aware of and look out for when you see a slot bonus offer available to you, so read on and also refer to this slot bonus guide when you are about to or are thinking of claiming a casino bonus to ensure you only claim the very best valued ones available!

Free Play and No Deposit Bonuses – The two main types of slot bonuses that are going to be worth claiming are no deposit required ones which are free to claim and come with no risks and also deposit match bonuses.

The latter named bonuses will let you get the biggest amounts of bonus credits so always be on the lookout for those types of bonuses, ideally the ones on which at least 100% of your deposited amounts are awarded as bonus credits.

Free spins have also started to be offered by many casinos to their new and existing players, and what you will have to do when claiming those types of bonuses is to play off those no risk free spins on the slots they are attached to and try to win as much as you can.

Maximum Cash Out Rules – Be wary of any terms and conditions that have a maximum cash out rule in place one any slot bonuses you do claim as if there is such a rule in place and you are playing with those bonus credits awarded on such bonuses then you are never going to be able to win over a certain amount from your bonus playing session.

Any amount you win over the highlighted amount via the cash out limit rules will be voided and as such you will never get to keep those additional payout amounts, which will be heart breaking if you are lucky enough to win a high valued jackpot payout when playing slots with bonuses that have such a rule in place!

Slot Game Restrictions – One thing we always recommend any online real money slot player who is tempted to make use of any of the large and very varied number and type of slot game bonuses that they have access to at all casino sites is to make sure you read through all of the terms and conditions attached to every bonus.

As sometimes when you have claimed bonus credits you may not be permitted to play a range of different slot games with those bonus funds, which may actually be the types of slot games you do wish to play!

Deposit Match Slot Bonuses – All slot players will be hoping they get as much play time when playing any slot games online with their own real money funds, and one very easy way that you can maximize your slot playing bankroll will be by using any of the any deposit match bonuses that are available.

The amount of bonus credits you will be awarded with can and will vary depending on just which casino site you choose to play at so always look around for the casino sites that we have chosen to present to you on this website as they are famed for having by far and away the most generous bonus offers!

Comps Earned from Playing Slots – If you play real money slot games at any of our featured casino sites then each of them will award you with a set number of comp points for every single real money slot spin you play off.

The aim of those comps is for you to save up as many of them as you can and then when you have accumulated enough of them you will be able to exchange them for additional bonus credits which you can then use to carry on playing your favourite slot games and hopefully win when doing so!

Asking for Free Slot Bonuses – If you have every had a very bad run of luck when playing real money slot games online with your own money, then never be afraid of contacting the casinos support staff to ask for a small free comp.

Many casinos will look at your slot game play and if you did have something of a very low paying real money slot playing session they will only be too happy to flip you a free bonus to cushion the blow.

Free Online Slot Tournaments – If you ever do want the chance to win real money but have no spare funds to allow you to make a deposit into any casino site then look out for the free roll slot tournaments that many casino sites now have available to their signed up and registered players. By entering those free to access and free to enter slot tournaments you will not have to pay anything to take part in them, but if you are lucky you could win a real cash payout.