Roulette Strategy

RouletteYou may find the history of roulette quite interesting, for it is a game of chance that has been around for many years now, and whilst the game hasn’t changed in its design for a number of years, with the advent of online and mobile casino sites we have now started to see some brand new roulette game variants being launched.

Over the years there have been many attempts to cheat at Roulette and some of the methods adopted have been quite successful you should never try and cheat when playing this popular table games as all casino sites are well versed in spotting Roulette cheats!

There are some very popular roulette game strategies available to players and if you want to put into place the best strategy for playing roulette then the only thing you will need to do initially is to select the roulette games to play that come with the very lowest of houses edges.

Therefore for anyone wanting to place just even money wagers then the roulette game which has the best house edge for those bets is the French Roulette game, however for all other bets that you can place on a roulette table you will find the best strategy will be for you to play at a European Roulette table.

Playing Roulette Strategically

You will always have a very large range of different betting opportunities that will become available to you when playing any of the huge range of different Roulette games. However, you should always be on the lookout for the very best Roulette games to play and those offering you the maximum winning opportunities


There are some Roulette games you should always avoid playing any some of those games you should always steer well clear of are those which have not one but two zeroes in play on their wheels and any type of Roulette game that has any type of bonus betting opportunities.

The reasons why we would advise you to steer very clear of playing those types of Roulette games is that they tend to have some very high house edges attached to them and the higher the house edge the more money the casino is expected to win from you when playing them.

So try and pick out the games which have some of the very lowest house edges which will include the European Roulette game variant and also do consider playing the French Roulette game variant if you only tend to place even money paying bets and wagers on the Roulette tables betting limit, as hat game has a low house edge on all even money paying betting opportunities and is therefore the game to track down and play online!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do new roulette games get released?

One thing that you will appreciate when playing at our feature UK gambling sites is that you are always going to find a good and very varied range of brand roulette games being launched, so you will always have a good selection of games on offer.

That is due to each of those sites using one of the major software and gaming platforms supplied by the leading companies so you will always find there will always be plenty of new games for you to play online or via a mobile device!

2. Are instant play roulette games available?

Sites that operate using something known as an instant play gaming platform are going to be sites that you can play roulette games at but at which never going to have to wait for any of the games to launch and load by having to download any software.

To be able to play any of those roulette games all that you will need to have is a mobile device or any type of computer that has a web browser attached to it as it is via that we browser that you will be able to play any sites range of different roulette games instantly.

3. Is Entropay a banking option?

If you want to play roulette games at the any of our featured sites then you are going to find that there will be plenty of different banking options available to you which will allow you to fund your account instantly and in real time with no delays and all sites accept Entropay.

Be aware that at each of those sites you will also be able to set your account using GBP as your preferred currency of choice and as such when playing any of their roulette games you will be playing in your home currency too.

4. Can winning roulette game players get paid out rapidly?

One of the main reasons we have chosen to list each of our UK gambling sites is that they have all proven to be gaming and gambling sites that are going to pay all of their winning payers rapidly and with no delays.

Therefore if you do want to play any roulette games in a real money playing environment then you are going to be guaranteed that whenever you make a withdrawal at our listed sites your winnings will always be sent back out to you quickly and on time.

5. How Diverse are the Range of Roulette Games?

Roulette players are always going to have lots of different Roulette game variants available to them when playing at online casino sites, and that is what makes playing in that type of environment so very exciting and appealing to lots of real money players.

Roulette games do come with lots of different playing structures, formats and winning payouts and as such you should always be looking for the Roulette games that offer the very highest possible payout percentages and those Roulette games which also have the very lowest house edges to ensure that you always have the maximum winning chances.