Roulette Playing Tips

RouletteOne thing that you are going to be easily able to find as you work your way around our website, are a large and varied range do different casino card and table playing guides, so if you want to learn how to play roulette or want to know what the payout odds are on any particular variant you do decide to play then make sure you checkout those additional guide and articles.

Now in this guide to playing roulette we are going to be passing onto you some valuable roulette playing hints and tips. The very first thing you do need to now is just which roulette games are going to give you the best winning chances.

With that in mind we would advise you to steer very clear of any roulette games that offer bonus bets and bonus winning payouts and the simple reason for us saying steer well clear of those roulette games us that they will also come with some very high house edges which in turn will then reduce your winning chances.

The types of bets and wagers that you can place will also have something of an effect on your winning chances, and the type of games you place those roulette bets on can affect the chances of you winning too. When playing French Roulette the even money paying best on offer have the very lowest house edge of any roulette game associated with then which is 1.35%.

But if you like placing other bets then stick to playing any single zero roulette game as the house edge on those bets on single zero roulette games are low at 2.70%.

Choosing a Roulette Game Stake Level

As part of you deciding to play Roulette online or even at a mobile or live casinos site you will of course have chosen a set amount of cash to have in play at those sites as your chosen bankroll, and you really do need to ensure that you use your bankroll in the very best way possible.

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That will call for you to first decide what is going to be your unit stake or the amount of cash that you are prepared to risk on each spin of the wheel and you will also need to know just which betting propositions and what parts of the betting layout you will want to place your chosen bets and wagers on as per your chose stake amount.

All of the chip values can of course be adjustable by Roulette players and you will find each Roulette table you come across will also have a minimum and maximum permitted stake amount attached to every single place you can put your chips on via the betting layout.

The lower the amount you bet per spin the longer your Roulette playing session will be, and conversely the higher you bet then the more likely you are to have some much shorter length of playing sessions unless of course you do hit a winning streak and if that is the case you could win a large amount of ash in a very short space of time!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know roulette games are fair?

One thing you will be pleased to hear if you are a roulette player is that every single one of the gaming sites we have chosen to present to you throughout our website will be offering you a certified fair and random selection of different roulette games.

Therefore when playing at those sites if you do decide to play the roulette games on offer at those sites then above all else you will always be assured that the game you are playing are going to be giving you a fair and random outcome all of the time.

2. Can I use no deposit bonuses to play roulette?

As you can play roulette at any of the mobile and online casinos listed throughout this website one way that you can boost the value of your bankroll is by making use of some of the many different roulette bonuses that those sites are giving away to their players.

However, one this to be aware of is that roulette may sometimes be listed as a game that you are not permitted to play when you have claimed a casinos bonus offers, so one tip for making sure you can play roulette is to read through the terms and conditions of each bonus you come across.

3. What stakes can I play roulette games for?

You will of course want to play any of the roulette games that you like the look of for stake levels of your own choosing and that is one thing that you are always going to be able to do when playing at the online or mobile sites listed on our website.

Each of those sites has ensured that all of their huge and ever growing suite and range of different roulette games can be accessed and played for stake levels of you own choosing and as such you will be able to configure the games in such a way that they are affordable to you and your bankroll too.

4. Choosing where to play roulette games online

Please take a look at some of our featured gaming sites if you want to play roulette games online for we have fully reviewed each UK site that we feel is going to be offering you the very best gaming experience and the very best playing and paying roulette games too.

All roulette players are going to find lots of different bonus offers that are freely available from those top rated UK sites and those bonuses are available to brand new players at each site we have reviewed and you will also be offered additional and ongoing roulette game bonuses too.