How to Play Poker

online-pokerOne of the most advantageous aspects of you starting to play poker online is that you can often win your way to some of the larger paying land based poker tournaments, and as such you will never be required to pay for the direct entry fees of those tournaments which as you will probably be aware can be very expensive!

However, you will first need to get a full understanding of how to play poker, and another thing worth noting is that there are in fat many different poker games variant you can play online or on a mobile device.

The most popular poker game variant available is of course the Texas Hold’em Poker game and that is one game you can quickly learn to play, for all that you need to do is to be aware that two players are going to have to place an ante bet into the middle of the table added to the pot to get the game underway, and each player takes turn at doing so.

Then you will need to understand that there will be several different rounds of betting once some additional cards have been dealt out to you. When playing games such as Texas Hold’em Poker all players are initially dealt out two cards and then additional cards are dealt out to the middle of the table.

There will be the chance of you being able to use either or both of your two cards and any number of the community card dealt out to the middle of the table to form your final hand.

Play For Free Initially

You should never be in a rush to play poker online in a real money playing environment, for if you do so then you may end up playing at a poker site that is not going to be offering the ultimate poker playing experience which is something every online poker player is the UK should be demanding from and poker site they sign up to and play at.


If you watch the above video you will see that some of the major companies involved in both land based and online gambling operate a range do different gambling sites and many of them have available at poker site that will be run to the very same high standards as their respective land based gambling sites too.

You will have the added advantage of being able to play poker game online for free or for real money and the very first time you do wish to play poker online you are going to be best of picking out one of our featured poker sites at which to play at and to also play at those sites via their free play poker tables or even enter one of their freeroll poker tournaments.

By doing just that you can then get to grips with all of the unique features on offer via that respective poker sites and their poker software platforms and can switch over to the real money poker playing environment when you are confident you know how to play your chosen poker game optimally!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of live games can I play online?

There is also an additional gaming platform that you will be able to access when playing at many of our featured UK gambling sites and that gaming platform is going to give you access to real life casino games via a live casino type of gaming platform.

The range of games which are available on a live casino gaming platform are such that you are going to be able to play a range of different card and table games including Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette and different staking options will be available too!

2. Are my poker game gaming logs available?

One important aspect of playing any of the poker games that are available to you at all of the sites we have introduced you to on our website is that you will always be able to audit and review any previously played off gaming sessions on any of their real money casino games.

So if at any time you want to double check just how well or just how badly you did when playing poker games then you are always free to consult your gaming logs online and instantly and review and audit your real money gaming action and game play.

3. What is the Legal Age to Play Poker Games?

To be able to legally play poker games online you have to be over the age of 18, be aware that that is the minimum age required to play all real money games and free play games, so if you do want to play poker games please ensure you are over the age of 18.

All poker players playing at any site will be required to provide proof of their age and will also be required to supply the site with some identification documents and also a recent utility bill to prove they are living at the address used when registering as a player.

4. How do instant play poker games work?

Sites that operate using something known as an instant play gaming platform are going to be sites that you can play poker games at but at which never going to have to wait for any of the games to launch and load by having to download any software.

To be able to play any of those poker games all that you will need to have is a mobile device or any type of computer that has a web browser attached to it as it is via that we browser that you will be able to play any sites range of different poker games instantly.