Craps Odds

CrapsThe one way that you are going to find out which are the best paying betting opportunities attached to the craps tables is for you to get a very good understanding of how craps games are designed, for when you do so you will then learn how to place your best onto the betting layout and which betting opportunities are those which offer the best payout odds.

The most profitable craps players are those that understand the probability of all dice games and will be actively seeking out ways that they can be assured of getting the highest valued payouts and the best odds on any chosen craps game they choose to play.

Whilst the payout odds available at online and mobile casino sites are also fixed in stone and are never increased or decreased in value, there are some ways that you will be able to get much more playing value.

One of those ways is to hunt around and to pick out our featured UK online and mobile casinos sites that are going to be offering you high valued deposit match bonuses but bonuses that you are permitted to use on the craps table games.

The higher the value of those bonuses and the lower the play through requirements attached to any craps games casino bonus the more chance you will have of winning and being able to cash out with those bonuses!

Understanding How to Play Craps

We are aware that many players are going to get very confused in regards to how to play Craps, for you do need to understand that the game can turn out to be a two stage type of casino game based on what numbers are rolled in on the initial roll of the two dice.


With that in mind and to make it as easy as possible for you to fully learn how to play Craps quickly we have loaded up into this website the video above which we urge you to watch when you get time as it will give you a good grounding for how Craps games work and how they have been designed.

Please keep in mind that no matter what type of Craps game you do come across online, whether a single player variant or a multi-player variant the outcome of each game is completely random.

Attached to each game is a random number generator and it is at the moment in time that a player clicks onto the roll button that the game will then request a number from the random number generator which in turn will then be turned into the outcome of the roll of the dice.

That does of course mean you have just as much chance of winning hen playing Craps at an online or mobile casino site as you will do if you choose to play this popular casino table game in a land based casino venue!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I make use of Craps games bonus offers?

By you taking a good look over the websites of our featured UK Casino websites that is going show you just how many different types of bonuses are going to become available to you, and as each casino site is a UK Gambling Commission licensed casino those bonuses do all come with fair terms and conditions.

However, we do of course know Craps players are looking for the very best valued bonuses when playing Craps games, so with that in mind consider making use of as many of the many different deposit match bonuses as they do offer players the very best value.

2. How do I transfer money into a casino to play Craps?

You will be able to play at any of our UK player friendly casino sites as a guest player if you wish to test out any of the Craps casino games they offer at no risk to get used to playing any of them however for the maximum excitement you will of course have to play those games for real money.

Our approved casinos have a large and varied range of different banking options available and as such you can make a deposit instantly into your casino account using any debit or credit card or by using a web wallet or any type of prepaid card or vouchers too.

3. When do new Craps games variants become available?

The best type of Craps game playing sessions you can have online or at a mobile casino site are going to be those on which you play a mix of the older more classical type of Craps games but also those on which you test out some of the newer casino games.

All casinos listed on this website have lots of new games added onto their gaming platform, so if you love the thrill and excitement of playing casino games that you have never played before and a range of casino games that you have never come across before then those are the casino sites you should be playing at whenever you get the chance too!

4. Are instant play Craps games available?

You will be able to access and play any or every single one of the Craps games on offer at the listed and showcased casino sites we have showcased on this website on any computer, laptop or mobile phone or mobile device, as each of those casino sites operates using a no download instant play type of gaming platform.

That means that as long as the device you wish to play Craps games on has a web browser attached to it, you will be able to pick and choose just what types of Craps game you wish to play and each one you select will then be launched and loaded into the web browser you are using.