Blackjack Playing Tips

blackjackThe best way that you are going to get something of an edge over any casino offering blackjack is by you learning to count cards however you are not going to be able to do so at a software driven casino site.

The reason you cannot count cards at such a site is that all of the cards in the shoe are fully shuffled before a new hand and game is dealt but so there will never be any advantages of you counting cards at those types of casino sites!

However, a you can now play via a live casino gaming platform at many of our featured online casinos sites such as those using the NetEnt live gaming platforms then you will be able to count cards at those casino sites, so that is something worth keeping in mind if you have mastered the very fine art of counting cards when playing blackjack!

One of the best playing tips we can always pass onto any blackjack player is for them to first find the blackjack game which has the very lowest house edge on offer and then learn how to play that game perfectly and always play it with the optimal playing strategy in place.

Some general playing tips include never taking the insurance side bet option when offered to you and also always split any pair of aces that have been dealt out to you as your two initial cards. One final tip is to never split tens or 10 valued playing cards!

Best Ways to Play Blackjack

The best way to play Blackjack is to put into play perfect playing strategy for the game you have chosen to play, as with much a huge and often ever growing range of different Blackjack game variants becoming available to online and mobile Blackjack players you will find all manner of different variant on offer.


Every single Blackjack game variant you do decide to play will come with their own unique set of rules attached to the game and often you will find a different number of decks of cards in the shoe and some Blackjack games may also have a different set of payouts based on what winning hand you are dealt out.

The most commonly available Blackjack games will have the industry standard payouts on offer but you will also come across some variants that may require you to place a bonus side bet and in exchange for that side bet a range of bonus winning payout could be awarded to you when you have been dealt out certain winning hand combinations.

However, in most cases when you do come across a variant on which there is a set of bonus payouts which require a special side bet wager for you to win those bonus payouts the hose edges on those side bets and side bonus wagers can be huge, so try and avoid playing any such Blackjack game as the house edge will eat away at tour bankroll over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the lowest house edge blackjack game?

The blackjack games that are the most sought after ones by players are always going to be the games on which the very lowest house edge can be found when those games are played optimally and strategically and as such you may be wondering just which games have the lowest house edges.

If you play the single hand classic blackjack games found in Microgaming powered casino sites then that game returns a house edge when played perfectly of some 0.13%, Playtech’s Blackjack Switch game however returns a very low house edge of 0.16%, so both of those two poker games will be worth playing online.

2. What are the Table Stakes on Blackjack Like?

One thing that you will able to do when playing Blackjack is select the stakes you play those games for, so if you like to play for large or small stakes then that is something that you can do. All Blackjack games come with player adjustable staking options, so when the games launch simply pick a chip value that is affordable to you.

Blackjack games can also be played for free, so if you are new to playing these types of games you like the look of then you can also set about playing them for free to allow you to get used to the way they all play and pay.

3. Which blackjack variants should I play?

There are going to be so many different blackjack games on offer to you at our licensed and regulated casinos that is an be quite a hard decision knowing just which ones to play first, however if you are looking for some very high paying casino games do consider playing some of their single deck blackjack games.

You will find information on the house edges and payout percentages on the casino websites and as such do check that website out as you will quickly be able to determine the blackjack games with the best payout percentages and lowest house edges when you do so.

4. Is claiming blackjack bonuses quick and easy?

Plenty of different blackjack game bonuses are going to be on offer to you at our listed and licensed casino sites and claiming the blackjack bonuses that you like the look of and want to make use of has been made as easy as is possible so in no time they can be added to your account.

Most if not all blackjack bonuses are credited to your account at the same time as you make a deposit and they are automatically added to you account, however you will be given the option of opting out of any bonus you do not want to claim.