Blackjack Odds

blackjackThere are going to be lots of different Blackjack games that you are going to be able to come across at different casino sites, and the trick to enable you to get the best winning chances is to first track down the games with offer the best payout odds.

One gaming platform that does have the very lowest house edge Blackjack game and one which also has a variant offering the highest winning payout odds is the Microgaming gaming platform so as a UK based player that should be the gaming platform that you are looking to play on.

Once you have found any of our top rated casino sites that offer you the range of different Microgaming designed games on offer, locate the single hand Classic Blackjack game for that particular Blackjack game variant has a house edge of just 0.13%, and as such is the best paying variant online.

You will have to play each hand perfectly to get the house edge down to that low amount, but the Classic Blackjack game is very easy to play and comes with some fairly straight forward game play rules, so you should soon learn how to play it using the very best strategy in place.

Play Online Blackjack Tournaments

Make sure that you also consider playing in some of the many different blackjack game tournaments that are going t become available to you at some of our featured UK casino sites, for there is always going to be a very good chance you could win very big from a very small financial outlay when you do enter an online Blackjack tournament!

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There are going to be two main type of online Blackjack tournaments that all UK based players can enter online, the most commonly available one will be designed in such a way that the players who manage to achieve the most comp or loyalty points when the tournament in running will pick up a cash prize, and as such all high rolling Blackjack players do stand a much greater chance of winning those types of tournaments.

However, you will often find some of the downloadable casino sites will offer a range of multi-table Blackjack tournaments and as such when you enter those types of tournaments all players are given the same amount of tournament credits and the same amount of time to take their entry in the tournament.

You will also be pleased to learn that whilst some Blackjack tournament do have a small entry fee that you have to pay to take part in them some others require no entry fee and are therefore no risk Blackjack tournaments!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I play blackjack games at no risk?

With there being so many different types and categorise of blackjack games that you will always be able to get stuck into playing at our top rated UK sites you will always some across lots of different games that you will never have seen or played before.

Blackjack game players are going to be more than welcome to play any of the range of games via a free play environment at all sites we have chosen to showcase and present to you and by doing so you will soon get to grips with how every single casino games play and pays.

2. Are there any blackjack game freeroll tournaments available?

One of the main reasons why we have listed all of the gambling sites on our website is at that unlike many other sites when playing at our featured ones you will have the option of being able to take part in a very large range of different blackjack game tournaments.

What makes playing in any blackjack game tournament exciting and appealing to many players is that for a low entry free and sometimes even via a free to enter blackjack game tournament you are going to have the chance of winning some large amounts of cash!

3. What are the best blackjack game bonuses?

It will of course be up to you whether you make use of any of the bonuses that you can claim at the any or all of our showcased gambling sites and in addition to the new play sign up welcome bonuses there are going to be lots of ongoing bonus offers too.

What we have found is that most blackjack game players do quite enjoy making use of the deposit match bonuses, for those bonuses are instantly credited to your account when you make a deposit and as such you will start playing with a much enlarged starting bankroll!

4. Can I deposit into my blackjack game account using a Credit Card?

If you want to play blackjack games at the any of our featured sites then you are going to find that there will be plenty of different banking options available to you which will allow you to fund your account instantly and in real time with no delays and all sites accept credit cards.

Be aware that at each of those sites you will also be able to set your account using GBP as your preferred currency of choice and as such when playing any of their blackjack games you will be playing in your home currency too.

5. How Many Blackjack Games Can I Play?

Blackjack players are always going to have lots of different Blackjack game variants available to them when playing at online casino sites, and that is what makes playing in that type of environment so very exciting and appealing to lots of real money players.

Blackjack games do come with lots of different playing structures, formats and winning payouts and as such you should always be looking for the Blackjack games that offer the very highest possible payout percentages and those Blackjack games which also have the very lowest house edges to ensure that you always have the maximum winning chances.