Bingo Odds

bingoOne question that may be going through your mind if you ever want to play bingo online is what are the odds going to be in regards to you winning any bingo games that you do decide to take part in.

That is a good question and there are two main things that are going to affect your overall chance of winning no matter which bingo game you choose to play at your chosen online casino site.

The first thing is just how many bingo cards you purchase when playing bingo in any bingo room, it is quiet obvious that the players who do purchase the most bingo tickets and bingo cards are going to have a much increased chance of picking up one or more than one of the cash prizes any bingo game may have acted to them.

Another thing that will also affect your winning odds when playing bingo is in regards to the number of other players who are logged into the bingo room that you are playing at. If you want the best chances and the best odds of winning any bingo game then try and play in the bingo rooms that have the lowest number of players in them and also make sure that you have as many bingo tickets and bingo cards as you can afford to buy!

Play Friendly Bingo Software

The vast majority of online casino sites are going to allow you to access their gaming platform and their bingo playing software without the need for you having to download any software onto your computer and as such all that you are going to need to be able to play bingo online is a computer or any mobile device that has a web browser attached to it.


Do not be under the impression that you are going to have to make any type of comprises when using a be browser based instant play bingo gaming platform, for they are just as advanced as any fully downloadable bingo software platform.

You will find that depending on just which UK online or mobile bingo site you sign up to and play at you are going to have plenty of different bingo games on offer too, some games may even be free to play and access games that have real money cash prizes on offer.

However, no matter at which bingo site you do choose to play at you are always going to be assured of finding g huge range of different bingo games on which the ticket prices are affordable. So if you want to play bingo games on which the ticket cost as little as one penny then there will be more than enough bingo games available to you, including some huge paying jackpot penny bingo games too, so look around and pick one of our featured UK bingo site at which to play at!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Could I win a progressive bingo jackpot?

It will be the bingo games on which there is a progressive jackpot that you are going to have the chance of winning a huge life changing jackpot when you are playing them, and as such do be on the lookout for any of higher paying bingo games from our featured UK player friendly online and mobile bingo sites which do have progressive jackpots attached to them.

One thing to be are of if you do play any type of progressive casino game is that you may have to play them in a certain way to have the progressive jackpot payout activated, so always read the rules of those particular bingo games to find out how to win the progressive jackpots.

2. Are bingo games completely fair?

There are lots of individual qualities that you should always be on the lookout for when you are seeking a bingo site to play any type of bingo games, and the first thing you should be looking for is a site offering certified fair and random games.

All of the bingo rooms we have listed throughout our website have all been granted a gambling license in the UK and as part of their license application process they have had to prove every single one of their bingo games is fair and have a completely random outcome, so playing at those bingo sites will give you complete peace of mind.

3. How can I learn to play new bingo games?

Playing any type of bingo game you may never have played before is going to be fun and exciting, however you will of course need to fully know and understand how every single one of those bingo games has been designed before you risk any of your own money paying them.

All of the bingo games offered at our UK player friendly bingo sites come with help files attached to them so you can view those help files once you have launched your chosen bingo game and by doing so you will then get a complete overview of how that bingo game has been designed.

4. Will I be able to play new bingo games online or on a mobile?

One of the reasons when have chosen to present to you all of our top rated bingo sites is that there are always going to be a fresh new supply of different new bingo games offered to you at those casino sites, and that will ensure that you will always have direct access to the very latest games.

It is usually once a month when all of the new bingo games are loaded onto the gaming platforms of our featured UK online and mobile bingo sites however those new games may appear every week or so, so always keep your eyes peeled for them and give them a try!