Online Baccarat

baccaratYou will find there are a couple of very subtle differences in regards to the way Baccarat games play and pay online, however the basics of the game are just the same no matter which playing environment you choose to play this popular casino card game in.

You will have three initial and in fact only decisions to make if you choose to play online baccarat games, and that will be whether you think either the bankers or the players hand will be closer to a value of nine in total based on the face value of the cards dealt out to each hand, or that both hands will end the game with the same value.

Each card will have its own face value, the only things you do have to be aware of is that all of the ten valued playing cards which include the picture cards and then 10’s are all worth zero and the Aces are worth one point.

Just two cards will be dealt out to each hand however there are several game play rules that will dictate when either the players hand or the bankers hand will be dealt out an additional hand. When you are playing at casinos that use the Microgaming gaming platforms then you will find they offer a very high rolling and high limit version of Baccarat.

However on all casino and mobile sites you will find you can play Baccarat with stake levels set as low as just £1 per hand, and you will also be earning casino comps and you play and may also be offered a range of bonuses that you can use on any type of Baccarat games too.

Choosing a Baccarat Game to Play

There are not that many different variants of Baccarat and as such what you will find is that more of the games you will find available online all play to the same rules and will offer you the same winning payouts. However, every now and then you may come across a slightly different Baccarat game so do keep that in mind.


If you choose to play at some of the casinos that have been using a gaming platform that has been around for many years, such as the Microgaming software platform then you will find they offer a range of both standard Baccarat games and also some of their much newer Gold Series Baccarat games.

The different between those two types of version of Baccarat is that the Gold Series games have been given an enhanced set of animations and enhanced sound effects too, and as those games do look fresh and much more graphically enhanced than Microgaming’s original versions of the games which have been around for over 20 years now!

Don’t’ forget that you will also find some low stake and high table stake Baccarat games on offer too, but always make sure you play this hugely popular casino card game for stake levels that you can afford to play for, and always pick a variant that has the standard winning payouts on offer and not a variant offering a reduce set of payouts or a higher commission to pay on winning Banker hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which baccarat sites do you recommend?

Please take a look at some of our featured gaming sites if you want to play baccarat games online for we have fully reviewed each UK site that we feel is going to be offering you the very best gaming experience and the very best playing and paying baccarat games too.

All baccarat players are going to find lots of different bonus offers that are freely available from those top rated UK sites and those bonuses are available to brand new players at each site we have reviewed and you will also be offered additional and ongoing baccarat game bonuses too.

2. How to lock in additional baccarat playing value

Baccarat comps are a way for any online or mobile casino site to reward all of your gaming action by way of additional bonus credits you will be able to earn as you are playing that popular game, however each site will be offering you a different loyalty type of scheme.

The best valued baccarat comp clubs are those that offer you the highest number of points based on the amount you wager per game of baccarat you play and also those which give you the best valued redemption rates for turning your comp point into additional baccarat game playing credits.

3. Are mobile baccarat games on offer?

One thing you will appreciate if you are the type of baccarat player who enjoys having the ability of playing games on a mobile device is that our feature sites all now have a fully mobile device compatible gaming platform, so you can play their games from anywhere.

Those baccarat games have been designed to work seamlessly on any type of touch screen mobile device and the mobile baccarat games can also be played for lots of different staking options and are also available as both free and real money games too.

4. What are the best bonuses to claim to play baccarat?

As you can play baccarat at any of the mobile and online casinos listed throughout this website one way that you can boost the value of your bankroll is by making use of some of the many different baccarat bonuses that those sites are giving away to their players.

However, one this to be aware of is that baccarat may sometimes be listed as a game that you are not permitted to play when you have claimed a casinos bonus offers, so one tip for making sure you can play baccarat is to read through the terms and conditions of each bonus you come across.