ukashThe service that was offered by Ukash is no longer available as that company which provided prepaid vouchers that could be used to make a deposit into online casino sites has now been replaced with PaySafeCard, as that company bought out Ukash recently.

If you do not have a bank account or any type of credit card or debit card but you could still like to play casino games online in a real money paying environment then as a player who is based in the UK you are going to be able to buy PaySafeCard’s at many different retail outlets.

The most commonly available stores and shops that sell these types of prepaid vouchers are those that have a Pay Point or Pay Zone sign outside their premises. You simply need to visit any of those stores and request a PaySafeCard voucher of any value and once you hand over your cash your voucher will then be printed off.

Just be aware thought that you are not able to make a withdrawal of any winnings you a achieved when playing casino game using a PaySafeCard voucher back to one of those vouchers so you will be best off getting yourself a web wallet account like the Skrill web wallet as the ay that you will then be able to go on to withdrawal any and all winnings achieved when you have made a deposit into a casino site via a prepaid voucher.

Withdrawal Options

If you do choose to make deposits into any online or mobile casino site using any type of prepaid voucher option then one very important thing that you do always need to keep in the forefront of your mind is that those prepaid vouchers are a deposit only option and as such you are never going to be able to get paid out your winnings via a prepaid voucher!

As such you should always make sure that when you are playing real money casino games and have made a deposit using a prepaid voucher that you have some form of way at hand that you can select and use to allow the casino site you are playing at to pay you out your winnings if that gambling session you have at their casino site is a winning one.

There are plenty of different banking options you can use, however as a UK based real money casino game player you may be interested in using PayPal as your preferred withdrawal option, you can open up a Paypal web wallet account in just a matter of minutes and once opened you can then request any winning you have been lucky enough to win form any casino site are then sent back to your Paypal web wallet account.

As soon as the casino pays you to your Paypal account hen those funds will show up instantly in that account and then you can do with them as you please.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do Ukash accepting casinos have new games?

    The best types of gaming sessions you can have at an Ukash accepting casino site are going to be those on which you play a mix of the older more classical type of games but also those on which you test out some of the newer casino games.

    All of the Ukash accepting casinos we have showcased are constantly getting lots of new games added onto their gaming platform, so if you love the thrill and excitement of playing casino games that you have never played before and a range of casino games that you have never come across before then those are the casino sites you should be playing at whenever you get the chance too!

  2. What are the best prepaid voucher bonuses?

    By you taking a good look over the websites of our rated casino sites that is going show you just how many different types of bonuses are going to become available to you, and as each casino site is a UK Gambling Commission licensed casino those bonuses do all come with fair terms and conditions.

    However, we do of course know players are looking for the very best valued bonuses when playing casino games, so with that in mind consider making use of as many of the many different prepaid voucher deposit match bonuses as they do offer players the very best value.

  3. Are Ukash Casinos downloadable ones?

    You will be able to access and play any or every single one of the casino games on offer at the featured and approved Ukash accepting casino sites we have showcased on this website on any computer, laptop or mobile phone or mobile device, as each of those casino sites operates using a no download instant play type of gaming platform.

    That means that as long as the device you wish to play casino games on has a web browser attached to it, you will be able to pick and choose just what types of casino game you wish to play and each one you select will then be launched and loaded into the web browser you are using.

  4. What alternatives to Ukash are there?

    You will be able to play at any of our approved and listed casino sites as a guest player if you wish to test out any of the casino games they offer at no risk to get used to playing any of them however for the maximum excitement you will of course have to play those games for real money.

    Our showcased casinos have a large and varied range of different banking options available and as such you can make a deposit instantly into your casino account using any debit or credit card or by using a web wallet or any type of prepaid card or vouchers too.