banking optionsAs part of our series of ongoing articles and guides relating to online gambling, this particular one is going to be introducing you to a range of different banking options.

You will of course need to find a banking option to use when you wish to transfer money into any type of gambling site and also when you wish to make a withdrawal from such a site too.

Please do have a good look through this guide to casino, poker and bingo site banking options for there can be lots of pros and cons in regards to the type of banking option you choose to make use of.

Whilst you can of course make a deposit using a credit or debit cards there are some additional and very convenient banking methods that you can make use of if you do not wish to use a credit card or a debit card.

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The one thing that you should always ensure however is the method you do decide to use much be a very low cost one, for you will never want to see the value of your deposits or for that matter the value of any withdrawals you make from any gambling site being reduced by fees and/or charges.

Also keep in mind that you should only sign up to casino sites, poker rooms and bingo site that are going to allow you to set your account to use UK Pounds Sterling. If you are forced to sign up and use any other currency then each time you make a deposit or go on to make a withdrawal from those sites you will be at the mercy of currency exchange rates!

Using Skrill

One of the most utilized banking options for online gamblers is an e-wallet, there are quite a number of them that you can us to both sore your bankroll in and also send money into and receive your winnings out of any type of gambling site.

Skrill Payments

As you can see from the video above, Skrill is a hugely popular banking option with many UK based gamblers as it allows them to move money around the web instantly and in real time and is an e-wallet which only has some very minimal fees and charges associated with using it.

Baking Options Available

We have put together quite a number of different guides relating to banking options which we invite you to read through, below you will find an overview of each type of banking option and for more information please refer to the respective banking page of our website for more details.

Neteller – There are plenty of casino, poker and bingo sites that will allow you to both make a deposit and also request a withdrawal to be made using Neteller. That is another of the many different types of web wallets that you are going to find on offer to all online and mobile UK based gamblers.

Any money you do have in your Neteller account is accessible 24 hours a day and you can have that money sent directly to your bank account or you can get sent out a Neteller prepaid card which is linked dup directly to your Neteller account.

Paypal – One of the most used web wallets is of course Paypal, and many millions of people in the UK have such an account. Whilst many casinos located and available to players in different countries will not allow players to use Paypal to fund their gambling site accounts or make a withdrawal using PayPal from those accounts, all of our featured UK gambling sites will let you use PayPal.

All transactions are processed in real time do you can top up your account at any time and instantly and once your winnings have been sent back to your Paypal account they will be available to you instantly when you log into that account.

Skrill – One final type of web wallet that may be of interest to you that works in much the same way as Paypal and Neteller is the one available from Skrill.

You can sign up and start using a Skrill web wallet in a matter of minutes and you can use it to end money into any casino, poker or bingo site account in real time. All winning payouts you request from any type of gambling site can of course be sent directly back to your Skrill account too!

Ukash – Ukash is no longer available however it was a prepaid type of voucher that you could purchase from any local shop to you that was either a Pay Point or Pay Zone outlet. Ukash has now been taken over and is part of PaySafeCard and as such you can still buy prepaid vouchers in cash from those exact same retail outlets. You just need to request a PaySafeCard voucher instead of asking for any value of Ukash voucher!

MasterCard – You will find that it is possible to get several different types of cards that are issued by MasterCard, you can get a debit card or credit card or you may wish to apply for and get yourself a prepaid type of debit card bearing the MasterCard logo.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that when you use any of those cards as a banking option you will only ever be able to make a deposit with them and MasterCard do not allow gambling sites to refund winnings back onto such a card.

So keep that in mind if you use MasterCard as a deposit option a you will need to have another withdrawal option on standby in case you win and make a withdrawal!

There will of course be pros and cons of using any type of casino, poker o bingo site banking option and as a player you should be looking for the ones to use that are most convenient for you and ones that will not see you having to pay any excessive fees or charges to use them!